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How to choose the right wireless charger for your phone?

Table of Contents

You’ve got a new smartphone with a wireless charging function, wow it’s great! But how to choose the right wireless charger device to make it works?

The first, check your smartphone specifications before purchasing a wireless charger, see it’s 5W or 7.5W or 10W, usually this info will show on the manual.

The second, you should be looking at is the power output (wattage). Wireless chargers usually range between 5 to 10 Watts. Phones like the iPhone 8 or recently announced iPhone X series supports 7.5W. Currently, iPhones do not come with fast charging support through wireless chargers but there are several other devices such as Note 8 and Note 9 which support them. With a good wireless charging pad, it is equally important to have good charging adapters and cables. The charging adaptor should support QC2.0/3.0 then the fast wireless charging will work. A phone having support for higher wireless charging wattage can be also charged by using a low (5W) wattage charger. However, they may have slow charging speeds. To be futureproofed, you can always look for a charger having support up to 10W.

Finally, choose the design, make sure the surface is good enough to grip your phone firmly. The phone cases are not metal or metal included, or the wireless charger will not work. Also, the case couldn’t be too thick, it’s better in 3mm or less.