Gua Sha Stones Wholesale

Autorunner supplies wholesale gua sha stones, we are a specialized manufacturer committed to the research, design, and wholesale distribution of high-grade Gua Sha stones. Our products serve as an epitome of natural wellness, and they seamlessly integrate into an array of customer settings—be it crystal stores, yoga studios, wellness centers, or skincare boutiques.

If you are looking for gua sha stones wholesale not listed above, you may request glass bottle customization, and please contact us immediately. We are more than willing to assist and collaborate with you.

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Full Solutions From Custom Gua Sha Stones Manufacturers

Autorunner has over 5 years of experience in manufacturing custom gua sha stones in diverse and innovative designs.

Gua Sha Stones Shape

Our gua sha stone shapes range from trendy to classic. We offer round, heart, butterfly-shaped as well as cloud designs, we also provide customized designs. 

Gua Sha Stones materials

Our gua sha stones are made of rose quartz, green aventurine, amethyst, white jade, clear crystals. 100% natural crystals.

Gua Sha Stones Size

we understand that the efficacy of Gua Sha stones is significantly impacted by their size and shape. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of sizes meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of different application areas and user preferences.

Gua Sha Stones Packaging

We offer gift boxes, velvet bags. If the quantity is over 500, we can customize the boxes. We use sustainable and biodegradable materials for our packaging, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Fast Shipping

We use DHL FedEx UPS etc. international express to ship the goods. For most countries, the goods can arrive in 6-10 working days.

Quality Guarantee

Our gua sha stones are made of rose quartz, green aventurine, amethyst, white jade, clear crystals. 100% natural crystals.

Learn Gua Sha Stones Manufacturing

We handle every part of the gua sha stones manufacturing process in-house. Our 3 million square foot factory is divided into departments that work as follows:

Customer-based Gua Sha Stones Design

At Autoruuner, we understand the importance of brand identity. This is why we offer custom gua sha designs based on client preferences. Our design and production teams have a wealth of experience in beverage packaging. When you present your design ideas or requirements to us, they will work with you to perfect the concept. 

We provide samples of custom gua sha stones designs for our clients to evaluate and give feedback on. Production will only begin after you have given your approval. We offer affordable factory prices and have an MOQ of 50 wholesale gua sha stones.

Why choose Autorunner Gua Sha Stones

Premium Quality Crystals

We use only the finest quality crystals, ensuring the stones’ natural healing properties are maintained. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our ethical sourcing of raw materials from certified mines

Extensive Variety

Our diverse product line includes Gua Sha stones of various shapes, sizes, and types of crystals to cater to differing market needs. We offer customized solutions to meet specific client requirements, whether it’s unique shapes or engraved branding.

Stringent Quality Checks

Our multi-stage quality control process ensures that each product meets international quality standards. Each stone undergoes a sanitization process before packaging, providing an additional layer of safety.

Efficient Supply Chain

Our robust logistics network ensures timely delivery and minimal transit damage. We are a trusted partner for businesses worldwide, including North America, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

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