7 Chakra Energy Generator Gemstone Healing Crystal Pendant HC33

Model No



55x16mm, 60x10mm




Resin + 100% natural crystals

  • Price: us$1.1-us$1.6
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  • What you get: different quantity of 7 chakra stones necklaces for you to choose, please check the quantity carefully before purchase, suitable for daily wear, wearing it will add more elegance and charms to your look, not only can it be applied as a beautiful accessory, but also it has healing properties.
  • Consist of: our orgonite necklace make surrounding space full of energetic, resin applied for more natural healing energy because it contains a molecular structure which includes carbon atoms chains, attract energy by making it an organic compound
  • Healing function: the orgone 7 chakra stones necklaces help you protect negative emotions around you and increase positive energy, helps to balance the chakras and give purification to the body, bringing balance to the chakra energy, long-term wearing can also bring you better sleep quality.
  • Production method: healing chakra orgonite pendants are handmade, orgonite shop crystal necklaces made by orgonite metals and different natural crystals source from different parts of the world, powerful vibrational energy is generated when natural chakra crystals react with orgone energy which brings positivity all around.