Amethyst Facial Roller FRJ08

Model No



Jade roller:length 15cm, the bigger roller size: 4.2cm, the smaller roller: 2.2cm


100% natural Amethyst





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Price range: US$5.78 – US$6.78
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  • TAKE SOME ME TIME: Treat yourself to an at-home facial with our luxurious Amethyst roller. Our high-quality roller has dual ends for maximum benefit: a large roller for your face and a small roller for your eye area. It’s naturally cool to the touch and refreshing on tired skin. It’s an excellent tool to help de-puff, contour, or seal in your facial skin care products. Beautiful to look at and beneficial for your skin.
  • GENTLE & BALANCING: Prized for centuries for its healing properties, Amethyst rollers soothe and relax through gentle facial massage. This purple “love stone” is a simple, safe, and luxurious way to care for your complexion. Lymphatic drainage and improved circulation reduces puffiness and improves skin brightness, leaving your face looking younger, healthier, and happier.
  • NEW DAILY ROUTINE: Use our Amethyst roller daily to reduce inflammation and improve your skin tone. The act of rolling is deeply comforting and indulgent, helping to reduce facial tension and leading to a relaxed feeling. Our roller can be cooled in the refrigerator to improve its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects.
  • MORE FROM YOUR PRODUCTS: Amethyst rollers help you get a little more from your products while you enjoy a relaxing massage. Simply apply your preferred facial serum or facial oil, then roll your roller in an upward direction. Your products will work their way deeper into your skin, helping you receive their full benefits.