Metal Electric Wax Burner WB23

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  • 【Wax Melt Warmer + Salt Therapy】 – Our 2-in-1 wellness device delivers two natural healing therapies in one simple device. Firstly, add your favorite wax cubes to the heat-less candle wax warmer enabling powerful aromatherapy therapeutic effects. Secondly, a separate chamber includes processed Himalayan salt crystals mined from the mountains of Pakistan to provide natural air ionization and purification making it easier. This neat, compact device adds a sense of peaceful ambience to any space.
  • 【100% Real Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals】 – Over 1 pounds of raw, unrefined, unprocessed and hand carved Himalayan pink salt crystals containing over 70+ trace minerals. A natural source of air purification and ionization that provides for easier and healthier breathing.
  • 【Air Freshener】-This wax warmer can be used with essential oils or Wax Tart, choose your favorite scents to fill your home with relaxing and aromatic scents to delight you and your guests and eliminate the worst smells such as smoke, tobacco, pet urine, garbage, and unpleasant bathroom aromas. Wax Tart and Essential Oils are not included.
  • 【Safe,Economical,And Versatile】- Warm & burn your favorite scented candles and wax cubes for countless hours. We engineered our premium wax fragrance warmer to safely heat your favorite fragrances without having to light it.Plus, it can be used as a night light. Using electric power (120V, 25W) to operate, it eliminates fire hazard, smoke damage, and indoor pollution caused by burning candles indoors.