Rune Stones Set with Engraved Elder Futhark Alphabet Runes Glass Block Clear Meditation Divination Healing Chakra Reiki HC44

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100% natural crystals and stones

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  • RUNE STONE SET: Rune Stones Set of 25 stones square Glass runes stones including 24 stones with the engraved runic alphabet by gold lettering and one blank stone.
  • APPLICATIONS:The engraving on these blocks are the ancient elder Futhark runes, which are the eldest known runic alphabet, makes this set perfect for Wiccans and Pagans as each stone has magical properties. The use of runes in daily life just like as literary inscription, which also been applied to decorations and buildings, addition, Ancient European monks see it as a tool to communicate with the gods, but now, when people are in meditation, they will grab a rune and as an answer.
  • ENERGY OF THE RUNE BLOCK: Rune glass blocks have a strong vibration that may open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra and will assist to connect to the divine mind and the higher realms.
  • BESR GIFT: You will get a unique gift for yourself, and it is also perfect for any gift-giving occasion, it will be a fantastic gift.