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What is USB Power Delivery?

Table of Contents

USB Power Delivery is a fast charging technology, supported by certain iOS / Apple and Android / Google devices, that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging.
To realize the function, you need a USB-PD-enabled smartphone or tablet, a USB-C charge cable, a USB-PD-enabled wall or car charger. USB-PD can charge your device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging. This means less time plugged in while your smartphone reaches 100% charged.

Here is the list of USB PD enabled smartphone list:

Except smartphone, USB-PD can even charge larger devices, like tablets and laptops. All you need is the right wall charger/car charger and USB-C cable – and leave those heavy laptop power cables at home.

How to choose the right power of PD charger for your devices?
For smartwatch and wireless headphones, it only needs 5W. For smartphones and tablets, it needs 18w at least to realize the quick charging function. Regarding laptops, 30W is the lowest required to make it charged.