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Benefits of Facial Gua Sha


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Facial scraping can solve skin problems such as sagging face, dry and rough skin, dark yellow face, uneven skin tone and so on. At the same time, it can effectively eliminate small facial wrinkles and relieve large facial wrinkles; improve dark circles and bags under the eyes, prevent eye aging, lighten chloasma, and post-acne pigmentation. Facial scraping is a popular facial treatment method nowadays. It combines ancient Chinese folk remedies scraping with Chinese herbal medicines to form a beauty therapy combining Chinese and Western. Gua Sha therapy, as a wonderful work of traditional Chinese medicine, has been spread for a long time in history due to its simplicity and ease of use, quick results and no side effects. Facial scraping is different from body scraping, and body scraping will cause a Sha point. Generally, you have to wait for the Sha point to fade before performing the next Gua Sha, about a week or so. But facial scraping generally does not produce Sha points, so it is difficult to determine how many days to scrape once, but facial skin is more sensitive, so it is generally recommended not to be too frequent~

The Facial Gua Sha Chart

Benefits of Facial Gua Sha

Activate damaged cells, promote and restore cell viability

Facial scraping stimulates epidermal nerve endings, enhances its conduction function, activates damaged cells, promotes and restores the secretion, regeneration and cleansing functions of the cells themselves, accelerates the discharge of metabolites from the skin sweat pores, soothes and cleans the pores.

To clear the meridian and activate collaterals, whiten and remove spots, promote blood circulation and remove silt, detoxify

Facial scraping can accurately find the area of ​​meridian stasis, and clear positive reactions (skin cold, fever, astringent sensation, sand-like and nodular tissues found under the skin, pain, muscle tension, stiffness, and weakness are all positive reactions. ), can quickly dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation, improve the deep microcirculation of the skin, and quickly remove the skin’s metabolic waste from the blood circulation, thereby improving the complexion, turning dull into rosy, brightening, and effectively clearing and diminishing stains.

Shrink pores and tighten skin

Cleaning and scraping prickly heat can improve the cleansing, clean the face, clear the meridians, promote the absorption of the skin, remove the skin and the skin, ensure that the skin has sufficient nutrient supply, make the skin grow naturally, tighten naturally, and grow the vitality of the face. Also changed.

Smoothes wrinkles and delays aging

Dredge the supply channels of cell nutrition, restore and enhance the function of skin’s own absorption and utilization of nutrients. The thermal effect produced by scraping increases the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids, so that the blood circulation to the skin continues to increase, and supplements moisture and nutrients It moisturizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, and delays skin aging.

Indirectly regulate the viscera

Gua Sha on the face stimulates the meridians (there are nine meridians on the face) acupoints (there are many acupuncture points on the face) and the holographic area. Through the conduction of the meridians, it can indirectly regulate the viscera.

Precautions for facial scraping

  1. Gua Sha on the face depends on the skin condition. If your skin has acne, inflammation and allergies, it is not suitable for facial scraping.
  2. Before performing facial scraping and beauty, check whether the beauty scraping board used is intact and whether the edge of the scraping board is round, smooth and without cracks. If so, you need to change the scraper.
  3. When scraping Gua Sha, the strength of your hands must be gentle, and the method and direction of scraping must be correct. Use the blunt part of the scraping board so that it won’t hurt the skin.
  4. When scraping the face, if you use cotton to scrape, you must remember to use the original liquid. If you use a hard board to scrape, you must use the original liquid + crystal emulsion, so as to protect the skin from penetration when scraping, and the scraping will go smoothly.

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