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Can Aroma Diffusers Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Many people are using indoor aroma diffusers, claiming it can clean the home’s air.  Does this really work? Can aroma diffusers improve indoor air quality?

The answer is yes, but you should use it probably. The diffuser is functioning by adding the essential oil, in other words, the question is can essential oil improve the indoor air quality?

How does the aroma diffuser work?

The aroma diffuser uses an advanced atomization module, a world patented duct design, and a stable volume control circuit setting so that each aroma diffuser can produce a consistent and lightly light fragrance mist. It can’t only increase air humidity but also emit fragrance molecules. See What’s The Difference Between Aroma Diffuser And Humidifier?

Which essential oils have shown to enhance air quality?

Pine, clove, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, oregano, thyme, lemon, and anise have shown in studies to scale back microbes in the air.  More research is necessary. 

Certain essential oils don’t seem to be very friendly around pets and extremely young children like tea tree, oregano, thyme, anise, eucalyptus, and clove. Diffusion of those essential oils is not recommended for those with asthma and certain other bronchial conditions. If pregnant, talking with your health care provider before using.

How to choose an essential oil?

Always research for the essential oil quality and ingredients carefully. Many cheap-priced options include carrier oils meaning the product has been diluted which can include undesirable ingredients, you will not be getting exactly what you think that you’re paying for. Look just for ‘100% pure natural’, read the label, and check the ingredient label. Avoid fake fragrance products totally, choosing 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Don’t forget the diffuser, clean it after each use.

Regularly cleaning will prolong the lifetime of your diffuser and stop oils from mixing to supply unexpected results. This can be especially important for diffusers utilizing water, which may harbor bacteria that may affect indoor air quality. If you are suffering from asthma or allergies, you should also take note: Some 100% pure essential oils should still lead to respiratory symptoms in allergic or asthmatic individuals. Make it again – do your research – if you’ve got an allergy to certain essential oils.

Aroma diffusers should be a perfect tool to enable your home to smell great, it’s cool mist not burning, no chemical. But please make sure to pick out the proper diffuser for your families, the inner materials should be high-quality PP+ABS which is BPA free.