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Healing Crystals and Their Meaning


Table of Contents

Natural crystal has absorbed energy in nature for several years and recorded the changes of nature over tens of millions of years. Therefore, many scientists believe that often wearing natural crystals can change their own energy and magnetic field. So as to keep people’s mental state happy and physical and mental. Different crystals have different health effects, which are judged by the trace elements contained in the crystal and the color of the crystal it causes.

Amethyst: Promote interpersonal relationships, enhance health and memory, helpful in study and sleep.

Citrine: Bring wealth, enhance self-confidence, and promote gastrointestinal health.

Clear Crystal: Anti-radiation, strengthen inspiration and thinking ability, clear mind, helpful in school and work.

Rose Quartz: Encourage love, respect, trust, improve interpersonal relationships, and stabilize love.

Ametrine: Enhance wealth and personal relationship, calm the mood, and help in sleep.

Smoky Quartz: Purify the body, implement the ideas, makes people feel cheerful, and resist disease.

Green Phantom Quartz: The master of the wealth, helpful in careers and wealth, encourage creativity and development.

Rutilated Quartz: Prosper fortune, strengthen personal power, helpful in throat health.

Green Rutilated Quartz: Prosperous career, improve wealth, bring good luck, good helper for male health care.

Red Rutilated Quartz: Improve personal charm and intimacy, help to regulate women’s body, and alleviate gynecological diseases.

Black Rutilated Quartz: Resist negative energy, avoid evil, enhance self-confidence, and maintain health.

Charoite: Eliminate worries, keep the mind clear, helpful in exam and work promotion.

Aquamarine: Improve language skills and self-confidence, enhance comprehension, and be helpful in respiratory health.

Tiger Eye: Ward off evil spirits, improve memory, reduce pressure, and strengthen gastrointestinal function.

Black Obsidian: Anti-negative energy, eliminate disease, ward off evil, reduce pressure, and strengthen gastrointestinal function.

Rhodochrosite: Super love stone, helpful in interpersonal relationship and love, with beauty and blood-replenishing effect.

Tourmaline: The king of crystals, called “the stone of desire”, promotes blood circulation, and controls health and wealth.

Red Garnet: Known as “woman’s stone”, it promotes blood circulation, relieves menstrual pain in women, and has beauty and the effect of promoting blood and strengthening the heart.

Green Garnet: Enhance career and wealth, promote the function of the digestive system.

Moon Stone: Known as the “Stone of the couple”, it stabilizes emotions, improves insomnia, enhances femininity, and has beauty effects.

Olivine: Relieves tension, gathers wealth, men wear it can increase love luck.

Fluorite: “The Stone of Wisdom”, strengthens thinking, reduces stress, clears the mind, eliminates disease, resists negative energy from the outside world, and helps sleep.

Agate: Promote mental flexibility, eliminate fatigue and stress, help in sleep, fight disease, and bring wealth.

Moldavite: a three-in-one gem, helping others to be happy and warding off evil spirits.

Clear crystal cluster: Purify crystal, eliminate negative energy, prevent radiation, be helpful in the study, and enhance memory.

Amethyst Cave: It is the best feng shui stone for home furnishings and companies, with huge energy.