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How to Use Crystals and Stones for Healing


Table of Contents

The clear crystal makes people feel refreshed and pleasing. In addition, the energy released by the crystal has a healing effect on the human body? Wearing is the simplest crystal healing method. Crystal is very common as a healing stone that has healing power for the human body. It can affect people’s energy, take away the discomfort and negative emotions, and bring body and mind balance.

What is crystal healing

Crystal healing is to use the fluctuation frequency of energy ore to match and strengthen the energy with the body’s various chakras. Crystals can channel more vitality into the body and discharge negative energy. After the energy of the energy ore is mixed with the energy of the person, it is equivalent to locking the person’s positive energy.

For example, white crystal, known as the “king of crystal”, is a complex of all energies, and has the function of warding off evil spirits and removing disease energy; amethyst develops intelligence, stabilizes emotions, improves intuition, increases memory ability, and gives people Courage and strength; pink crystal can help pursue love and grasp love; citrine promotes the development of regenerative ability; sunstone emits powerful life energy, which helps interpersonal relationships and work and career; agate can balance positive Negative energy, eliminate mental tension and stress…

How to use it?

From crystal color

Regarding the link between crystal and light energy, currently it is mainly applied to the correspondence between the light color of the crystal and the seven chakras. The following data probably use this method of distinction.

  1. Red:Muladhara (vitality and vitality)
  2. Orange: Svadisthana(Nourishment and Passion)
  3. Yellow: Manipura (reason and courage)
  4. Green: Anahata (Love and Forgiveness)
  5. Blue: Vishuddha (Communication and Learning)
  6. Indigo (dark blue): Ajna (introspection and awareness)
  7. Purple: Sahasrara (Great Love and Relaxation)
  8. White: all chakras (high spirit and unity)

From the common shapes of crystal energy

Generally speaking, crystal will be basically polished or cut to be used by humans, and some will even be made into specific shapes. Therefore, we also need to recognize its shape before using the crystal, and use the shape energy to strengthen the effect.

  1. Circle: Related to the soul, when used to expand energy.
  2. Egg shape: Related to circulation, or repairing energy. (The round shape can be repaired or protected)
  3. Spherical: The core of the universe, radiating or gathering energy.
  4. Square: Stabilize energy and generate structural strength.
  5. Drop-shaped or pear-shaped: the tip is the energy release point, and the rounded end is the energy gathering point.
  6. Pyramid: Focus on energy and link to higher levels.
  7. Star-shaped: The number of star-shaped rays is the main one, the five-shaped beams are the guardian of stability, the six-shaped beams are the passage and healing, the seven beams are the higher link, and the eight beams are the love and harmony.
  8. Single-pointed crystal: common type of crystal quartz, the tip is the energy point.
  9. Double-pointed crystals: rare crystals that exist in the soft stratum. The double-tips are energy channels, which have the characteristic of energy back and forth at the tips.

From the arrangement of crystal

The main structure of the crystal arrangement lies in the vibration frequency of the crystal, which depends on the structure (crystal system) and light energy. The crystal system determines the nature of the energy, the light color (light energy) determines the way the energy is expressed, and other shapes and growth patterns strengthen a certain energy type and form a special function. The arrangement of crystals is to obtain a coordinated force between structure, light energy and physical energy. The main arrangement points are on the chakra points and around the body. At present, we can still use the concept of physical energy as the basis for the arrangement:

  1. Around the body: counterclockwise to liberate one’s own energy, clockwise to gather or strengthen one’s own energy. The tip of the crystal is inward to supplement energy, and the tip is outward to release energy, which is directed outward.
  2. Triangle: sublimation of energy, focusing on dealing with a certain issue, simple and strong release, belonging to the power of fire.
  3. Quadrangle: Stabilize energy and focus on a certain issue, which belongs to the power of the earth.
  4. Pentagonal shape: Relieve fixation and negative energy, bring new power, which belongs to the power of the earth.
  5. Hexagonal shape: the power of healing, dealing with the coexistence of the body and spirit, or the problem of multiple energy levels, the power of wind.
  6. Heptagon: Inject new power, change the negative state, and heal in the will of God.
  7. Octagon: The power of harmony, integrates issues and softens energy.
  8. Dodecagonal shape: complete body and soul level, achieving perfect resonance.