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Seven Chakras and Their Meanings


Table of Contents

What are the seven chakras?

First of all, Nadis and chakras are two different concepts. Nadis refers to the channel or path through which the breath flows in the body. It can also be said to be the channel through which energy is transported in the body. There are hundreds of thousands of fine veins in the human body. Three important ones are the central vein and the left vein. And right pulse. Chakra means the energy wheel or energy center. It is the energy center in the veins.

In the Indian system theory, the seven chakras of the human body have such an introduction: There are seven energy centers in the human body, which are located on the central axis of the body. Because these seven energy centers are spiral-shaped, they are named as the seven chakras, its location Parallel to the spine, arranged in order from top to bottom, exactly corresponding to the body’s seven main endocrine glands (hormones) and nerve plexus, responsible for maintaining the energy health of specific organs, and its role is to adjust the energy system to come and go. energy.

People can pass through these chakras to receive energy that transmits spiritual or other properties. Chakras mainly affect people’s mental state. The several chakras located at the bottom of the body dominate the instinctual part, and the chakras near the top of the body affect our thoughts. These chakras correspond to different colors of light, and these lights are also one of the sources of energy.

Chakras are believed to stimulate the interaction of the two natures of the body and spirit, receiving and conveying spiritual energy through the physical chakras. Chakras have different levels of activity. When they are active, it means that these chakras are in a normal operating state. In an ideal state, all chakras are in a balanced state and exert a positive effect on our emotions and feelings. But in fact, usually some chakras are not active enough to function, or some chakras are overactive, which need to be adjusted by appropriate means, and meditation is the best way to adjust.

There are mainly seven chakras in the human body

1. Muladhara - Chakra (Root Charkra)

Location: The caudal end of the spine, between the reproductive organs and the anus.

Color: red, the second color is black.

Related endocrine glands: Adrenal glands related organs: spine, kidneys, back, hips, legs, feet.

Corresponding gems: smoky quartz, carnelian, garnet, agate, bloodstone, ametrine, obsidian, fire agate, nephrite, hematite.

2. Svadisthana - Chakra(Sacral or Spleen Chakra)

Location: Located in the sacrum.

Color: orange.

Gonadal related organs: reproductive organs, bladder, intestines.

Corresponding gems: citrine, moonstone, amber, carnelian, aragonite, orange calcite, golden emerald, zircon, transparent plaster, opal.

3. Manipura - Chakra(Solar Plexus Chakra)

Location: The third chakra, the pubic region, is located in the nerves of the solar (abdominal) plexus.

Color: yellow.

Related organs: Dirty related: viscera, stomach, liver and gallbladder.

Gemstones: citrine, golden scallop, yellow-green tourmaline, tiger eye stone, crystal stone, peridot, emerald, amber, malachite.

4. Anahata - Chakra(Throat Chakra)

Location: It is the fourth chakra, located in the heart.

Color: green, the second color is pink.

Related endocrine glands: thymus gland

Related organs: heart, lungs, and circulatory system

Corresponding gems: Rose quartz, phantom crystal, green rutilated quartz, red jasper, green aventurine, malachite, emerald, ruby, green jade, kunzite, Czech meteorite, Rhodonite, watermelon tourmaline, And other natural emeralds.

5. Vishuddha - Chakra(Brow or Third eye Chakra)

Location: It is the fifth chakra, located in the neck.

Color: blue

Related endocrine glands: thyroid, parathyroid

Related organs: mouth, throat, bronchus

Corresponding gems: Aquamarine, Blue Topa, Blue Rutilated Quartz, Turquoise, Sodalite, Zircon, Kyanite, Amazonite.

6. Ajna - Chakra(Brow or Third eye Chakra)

Located on the forehead and between the eyebrows (Indian women will put a red dot on this position, and this is where the “third eye” is located.)

Position: Located on the forehead, between the eyebrows.

Color: purple.

Related endocrine glands: pituitary gland, pineal gland.

Related organs: brain, ears, nose, left eye, nervous system

Corresponding gems: Azurite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Purple Fluorite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli.

7. Sahasrara - Chakra(Crown Chakra)

Location: The seventh chakra, located directly above the head, is a location that does not belong to the physical body.

Color: purple and white.

Related endocrine glands: pineal gland

Related organs: upper spine, brain stem, right eye.

Corresponding gemstones: White Crystal, Ametrine, Moonstone, Diamond, White Topaz.