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The Knowledge You Must Know About The TWS Wireless Earbuds.

Table of Contents

TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo (True Wireless Stereo), TWS realizes the left and right channel wireless separation through Bluetooth wireless connection. By using true wireless stereo mode, you can enjoy wireless stereo audio experience using any device of your choice.

IP index level

IP=Ingress Protection (protection level)

IPX1-3 level: poor waterproof performance, can prevent slight water mist.

IPX4 level: It can prevent splashing water droplets from entering.

IPX5 level: It can prevent the daily water from entering.

IPX6 level: It can completely prevent large waves from entering.

IPX7-8: It can be completely immersed and waterproof.

The difference between Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 5.0 is an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.2

(1) The transmission efficiency is increased by 2 times, no matter the transmission

speed and the frequency spectrum is increased, the power consumption is greatly

reduced, and the endurance is improved as well.

(2) The transmission distance is 4 times that of Bluetooth 4.2.

(3) Lower power consumption, compatible with the old Bluetooth version.

(4) Bluetooth 4.2 has a faster transmission speed than Bluetooth 4.1.

The Knowledge of Noise Reduction

The noise reduction index NRR is the abbreviation of Neural Regeneration Research. The noise reduction value of earplugs is most expressed in NRR, which is the noise attenuation level.

Active noise cancellation is a hardware noise reduction. The principle is to use a circuit to pick up the surrounding environmental sound, and then transform it into an inverted sound signal and add it to the speaker end. The sound presented to the human ear is environmental noise + inverted environmental noise. Intuitively, I feel that the noise is reduced, and the beneficiary is myself.

Another main noise reduction technology is software noise reduction, also called CVC noise reduction. It is the software noise reduction technology that comes with the CSR chip. It only works when making a call. With this technology, the surrounding environmental noise can be attenuated. The other party will be able to hear more clearly.